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Welcome to Dream Dance Studio "where every child can not only learn to dance, but learn to love, appreciate and feel good about every step they make!"  At Dream Dance Studio, under the ownership and direction of Kristy D'Amelio, we believe in fun in learning and we provide an exciting but relaxed environment so all children will feel comfortable. 

Take a moment and peruse through our site, read about our amazing and energetic teachers, take a peak at pictures of our talented students and beautiful newly expanded studio and enjoy! There is nothing that we at Dream love more than dancing and we would all be honored to share our love of dance with your children.  

Welcome to our family!

Studio Policies

1.  Tuition must be paid by the 10th of every month.  If tuition is paid after the tenth a $15 late fee must be added to your current rate.  Post dated checks will be credited to your account according to the date of your check.  Any late fees that are not paid will be recorded and must be paid up by June or recital tickets will not be sold to you.  Tuition is non-refundable, but your child may make-up missed classes as long as it is cleared with the teacher. 

Tuition is also non-refundable for classes canceled due to inclement weather.  However your child may make-up missed classes as long as it is cleared with the teacher.

After 3 weeks of non-payment your child will not be permitted to participate in their dance class.  We reserve the right to dismiss any student/family with a recurring outstanding tuition balance.

2.  Any student participating in our end of the year dance recital MUST purchase a costume.  Costume cost is $85 and must be paid by November 1st.  Any student/family that does not pay for their costume by November 1st will not have a costume for the recital.    Costumes must be ordered by a certain date to guarantee delivery by the recital.

3.  Any outstanding tuition or costume balances not paid in full by June 10th will result in the inability to purchase recital tickets.

4.  All students must be prepared for dance class.  This means, proper dance class appropriate attire, proper dance class appropriate shoes, hair up, no jewelry, no candy or gum chewing, etc.

5.  Absolutely no street shoes allowed in the studios and no dance shoes are to be worn outside the studio.

6.  Absolutely no food or drink in the studios or waiting area.  There is a dancers lounge for all students to utilize between classes for eating/drinking, homework, changing, etc.  Every year a lot of time and money go into upgrading and refreshing our school and we like to keep a clean and comfortable environment.

7.  If your child was home from school sick please do not bring them into dance class.  Make-up classes can always be scheduled for missed classes.

8.  Dancers should come to class on time.  Warm-up is always the first 15 minutes of class and is imperative for your child to participate in.  Any child that misses the warm-up will have to warm-up on their own before participating in rigorous dance choreography or technique.

9.  Attendance is extremely important in fulfilling your child's dance education.  It is important that your child attend his/her dance classes every week.  If unable to dance but able to watch, it is encouraged that your child come to class so as not to miss any new choreography or technique.

10.  Any dancer on a competition team must be committed to their team.  This means no more then 5 absences from September-June, participating in extra rehearsals, participating in all competitions and the recital.  If any dancer makes a team but soon after feels it is too hard to commit, the director must be told immediately.

11.  Parents are not permitted to open studio doors while classes are in session.  It is up to the instructor to invite guest into their class.  Parent observations are scheduled in December.

12.  The studio does not follow school schedules for inclement weather closings.  Please call the studio 1 hour prior to your child's class time to check closing status.

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Dream Dance Studio
1451 Rt 46 Suite #7
Ledgewood, NJ 07852
Phone (973) 398-1888


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About Dream

Welcome to Dream Dance Studio "where every child can not only learn to dance, but...

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