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Dress Rehearsal Time Slots

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Dress Rehearsal will be held on Friday, June 16, 2017 at Roxbury High School

Please remember your child MUST be in full costume, hair, make-up and have proper dance shoes for the rehearsal.

As you enter the auditorium please look for your child’s “Dance Name” on a row of seats.  Please make sure your child sits in the corresponding row so that she/he will be ready when there teacher picks them up to bring them on stage.

After your child is finished dancing, we will take a group photo on stage and then you make take your child home.
The following are the time slots your child’s dances will rehearse in:

*Please note our Elite Competition Classes as well as solos, duets and trios will NOT rehearse on this day.

PDF download version click here

3:30pm Time Slot

  • Senior Dance
  • Wednesday 4-5pm, Tumble 1  (Miss Lauren)
  • Tuesday 4-5pm, DanceMix I  (Miss Kristy D.)
  • Wednesday 6-7pm, DanceMix I  (Miss Kristy D.)
  • Monday 4-5pm, DanceMix II  (Miss Kristy D.)
  • Saturday 10:15-11:15am, DanceMix II  (Miss Kim)

4:30pm Time Slot: FINALE

  • Competition Classes NON-ELITE:
    • Pre-Comp Lyrical, Tuesday 7-8pm  (Miss Lauren)
    • Comp. Hip-Hop 1, Wednesday 6-7pm  (Miss Amanda/Gianna)
    • Comp. Tap 2, Wednesday 5-6pm  (Miss Meghan)
    • Comp. Tap 1, Wednesday, 4-5pm  ( Miss Meghan)
    • Comp. Lyrical 1, Tuesday 5-6pm  (Miss Lauren)
    • Comp. Lyrical 2, Wednesday 7-8pm  (Miss Lauren)
    • Heels
  • Wednesday 5-6pm, Tumble 3  (Miss Lauren)
  • Wednesday 6-7pm, Let’s Dance Hip-Hop  (Miss Nicholle)
  • Monday 5-6pm, Primary Tap  (Miss Meghan)

6:00pm Time Slot: FINALE

  • Production Tap
  • Tuesday 5-6pm, Let’s Dance Hip-Hop  (Miss Kristy D.)
  • Tuesday 6-7pm, Primary Ballet  (Miss Kristy H.)
  • Thursday 6-7pm, Primary Ballet  (Miss Melanie/Kim)
  • Monday 5-6pm, Let’s Dance Tap  ( Miss Kristy D.)
  • Thursday 6-7pm, Let’s Dance Hip-Hop  (Miss Gianna)
  • Wednesday 4-5pm, Musical Theater  (Miss Kristy D.)
  • Thursday 5-6pm, Let’s Dance Lyrical  (Miss Lauren)
  • Monday 4-5pm, Primary Hip-Hop  (Miss Nicholle)
  • Monday 6-7pm Primary Hip-Hop  (Miss Amanda)

7:30pm Time Slot: FINALE

  • Wednesday 7-8pm Intermediate Hip-Hop  (Miss Nicholle)
  • Intermediate Ballet
  • Thursday 7-8pm, Intermediate Lyrical  (Miss Kim)
  • Advanced Ballet
  • Adult Hip-Hop
  • Alumni Dance
  • Teacher Dance

*If your child has dances that are back to back we will wait for them to change.


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